PAC board, 2017-2018

President  – Sonja Thoma (new)
Vice president – Naama Avramzon (continuing)
Secretary – Erin Johnson (new)
Treasurer – Stephanie Larsen (continuing)

You can contact the board as a whole or any of the members by email:

Vice President:
The whole board:

PAC committees 2017-2018


Contact person: Chantal

Other member: Heather.

Responsibilities: Running the program, recruiting volunteers (one time or ongoing) for serving, finding grants and programs to fund the program.

Hot lunch:

Contact person: Stephanie

Other member: Beth.

Responsibilities: Running the hot lunch program, planning the meals and recruiting volunteers to cook/serve/food-shop.

Health and Safety

Contact person: Kylie

Responsibilities: Recognizing health and safety problems in school, checking regulations regarding the problems, inquiring the authorities about them and keeping track until they are solved.

School Visioning

Contact person: Beth

Other members: Courtney, Kylie

Responsibilities: getting input from community members, school parents and school staff and coming up with a vision for the way we want school to look like, visually and by nature. The purpose is to have a vision to which school planning (done by the school and the district) will align or aspire. That would improve curriculum delivery, school environment, parents involvement and more.


Contact person: Kylie

Other member: Dayna.

responsibilities: locating sources for grants and special programs and matching them with school needs. Applying for grants.

Collaborating with other institutes in the community such as W.E.G.C.S. society and the Village of Slocan in support of community causes.
A big project for this committee this year is renewing our school playground.


Contact person: Chantal

Responsibilities: Planning an organizing events for holidays and fundraisers.


Contact person: Sonja

Responsibilities: Improving the state of the school library, organizing it, and making it a vibrant place.

If you wish to join one of the committees, have your voice heard and your opinions matter, if you want to volunteer to any of the activities mentioned above, please contact the contact person for the committee or the PAC board at:

September 2017 meeting agenda

WEG PAC Meeting Agenda
Meeting Date: September 19, 2017
Time: 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm
location: WEG school library

  1. Welcome and introductions (10 min)
  2. Adoption of minutes from June 2017 (5 min)
  3. Principal’s Report (15 min)
  4. Board elections (15 min)
  5. Committee introduction, discussions and forming. (20min)
  6. President report (5 min.)
  7. Treasurer’s Report (5 min)
  8. Business arising from minutes and principal report (10 min)
  9. Meeting dates for the year (5 min.)

PAC board – main roles


Coordinates Parent Advisory Council affairs in cooperation with other executive members. Often shares resposibilities with a co/vice-chair.

The chairperson also:
• presides at all meetings (If he or she is unable to attend, the vice-chairperson or other fill in)

• conducts business meetings

• assists the secretary to prepare the agenda for meetings and consults with the principal on behalf of PAC



Custodian of funds and:

• disburses money according to the decisions of the group, keeps and makes available accurate financial records

• presents a report of finances at each meeting for information (an annual report is usually adopted before the election of new officers)

• records minutes of regular and executive meetings;

• presents and reads minutes for adoption at meetings; and,

• maintains a book or record of minutes and correspondence

•prepares the agenda for PAC meetings



Agenda for June 2017 PAC meeting (3-4:30 pm)

  1. Minutes from May (May 9,2017 meeting minutes)
  2. Principal’s Report.
  3. General updates from the board:
    New website for PAC information sharing
    AGM in September.
    Committee seeds
  4. Volunteer appreciation.
  5. SPC – what a School Planning Committee is and it’s process
  6. School Vision Planning parents committee
  7. gaming grant spending.
  8. Valley visioning –what is the process and the needed input from parents for the valley vision letter.